Love & Quiches Gourmet is among the best restaurant dessert suppliers in the US and has been selling cheesecake, quiche and brownies for over 40 years. At our 40th anniversary celebration, we had so many great industry testimonials from our partners and wanted to share those with you.

Testimonials from Love & Quiches 40th Anniversary:

It has been a long journey, but being able to say you have been in existence for 40 years and pleasing millions of people is a testimonial to the care and commitment everyone has. I congratulate you on your success and commend you for the wonderful jobs you all do.

I met Susan after she moved out of her garage and into her factory. She was an inspiration to all the budding food entrepreneurs then and a definite role model for achieving your dream now. One of her famous lines was “act like you are one of the big guys“. She didn’t mean that novice artisanal manufacturers should be arrogant, but they should believe in their product and be prepared with answers to the questions they would inevitably be asked … rather than treat their business as “something a home cook would do”.

I follow Susan’s example often when I speak to the entrepreneurs I have in my own kitchen, impressing on them the importance of a professional presentation as the path to profitability. She has been a wonderful example of how to achieve success and I will continue to hold her up as a role model.

Kathrine Gregory

Founder/Director- Mi Kitchen Es Su Kitchen®: A consulting firm creating kitchen incubators nationwide

Founder/Consultant- The Entrepreneur Space LLC: A Food and Business Incubator located in Queens NY

I had 15 restaurants in 1983; I was visiting NY, was in Zabars and saw a Love and Quiches product. I called the number and started business with Susan 3o years and 900 restaurants ago, what a journey for both of us!

Susan is the best business friend I have never met, I called her 30 years ago after seeing her quiches in Zabars, and the rest is history millions of quiches and desserts from her and 900 restaurants for me, only in America.

Sandy Beall

Beall Investments LLC

Our longstanding relationship, and partnership, with Love and Quiches continues to grow each year.  Due to their consist quality, taste, customer service, and product development, they remain our go to dessert supplier.  We wish you a very happy 40th and look forward to sharing many more celebrations to come!

Vafa Mansouri

YUM International

The Team at Love and Quiches Desserts are truly Bakery Experts, who partner with their customers to develop and deliver great performing products and programson an ongoing basis. Their knowledge of baking and quality of their products are exceptional!

Congratulations on 40 years of success in the Baking Industry!

John Crocco

Daymon Worldwide Inc.

Love & Quiches continues to be one of our ‘go to’ suppliers for fun & flavorful menu offerings which we are proud to offer on our long distance dining car routes. They understand our unique business needs and we have worked closely with them to enhance our on-board service portfolio through innovative product while still focusing on both quality and value. Their ability to respond to our needs in developing customized packaging solutions  has also helped our efforts to minimize waste and foster cost recovery which has also helped us to achieve greater return on our investment.

Daniel Malzhan

Amtrak Culinary Product Development- Executive Chef – Long Distance Service

Congratulations on hitting such a tremendous milestone! Our industry is a competitive one, and to have reached the 40th year mark is a true accomplishment.

I am not surprised at your success. Our 12 year partnership has helped build our sales by providing new and desirable items to our menu.  Each year you have helped us stay current, see the future and dazzle our guests with delectable treats. Your insight to the industry and foresight to the next best thing is rarely found, and a true testament to the time, care and effort that you devote to our brand. Every year we challenge you to be better and give us more and each year you find a way to exceed the last.  That is why we were so pleased to award you with our Vendor of The Year honor for your mini-dessert platforms. You have contributed to our success and we are appreciative of the opportunity to work with such an exceptional firm.

Dave Plancon

EMPAD Consulting

Love & Quiches is very customer driven.  Everyone you meet in their organization has a passion for their business which is contagious.  They are innovative, dependable, and make doing business with them fun!

Cullen Andrews
Director- National Accounts

Dot Foods, Inc.

Over the years, we’ve Dessert Partnered with customers from all segments of the Food Industry to help them achieve their goals. We’d like to share a handful of these experiences with you. These brief vignettes highlight the benefits of our dessert partnership philosophy.

Trend Responsive Insights & Recommendations

When an emerging casual dining chain first decided to add desserts to its menu, we walked them through a meticulous selection process to ensure just the right product mix for their venue and demographic. Working together, we designed a dessert menu that answered all of their needs. We assisted with in-store marketing, plating suggestions, photography, signage recommendations and more. This menu was a great success and has endured through the extensive growth of this customer to over 500 units today.

A Relationship to Build On

Love and Quiches Gourmet has enjoyed the honor of being the exclusive dessert supplier for more than 20 years to a leading global fast casual chain, now with 1000+ units. The custom desserts which we developed with them have provided solid dessert sales and enjoy impressive longevity.

Quality at Your Price Point

We’ve been manufacturing custom high-flying desserts for some of the biggest names in the airline industry for more than 30 years. We have consistently fashioned desserts in a variety of sizes from pre-portioned tortes, to mini desserts, to individually wrapped slices, meeting the critical size requirements and stringent price points of the passenger services industry, all the while maintaining the premium quality and outstanding taste that has built our reputation.

Creativity: We Think Outside the (Cake) Box!

We grabbed a slice of our authentic New York Cheesecake, dipped it in a “yummy” batter, then rolled it in crunchy crumbs — resulting in one of the most successful LTO’s for a major QSR Chain. Thus the birth of our CrunchyFried Cheesecake®!

Outsourcing: Let us be your In House Bakery

A Supermarket Chain challenged us to duplicate several of their best selling desserts presently being made at store level. We did so by providing superior quality, significant savings, a seamless transition and no loss of customer loyalty.

Creating C-store Excitement

A prominent convenience store chain was in search of a seasonal dessert promotion. We created a custom S’mores Brownie to their unique specifications and within their price point, increasing their customer satisfaction and boosting their dessert sales.

Let us show you how to build your brand and maximize profits with signature desserts from the Love and Quiches Gourmet test kitchen. Take the first step to a lasting partnership in sweet success.